roof maintenance
Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance on a regular basis is of utmost importance in order to achieve the full life expectancy of your roof.   We recommend that roof maintenance be performed based on your roof’s individual need(s), which can range from three times a year to once every three years.  Careful inspection and analysis on an individual basis will be performed in order to determine the frequency for maintenance and what needs to be performed during that time.  Our experienced Technicians are equipped to inspect and repair the roof during maintenance.

Overall general roof maintenance includes the following:

1)     Cleaning of the roof surface, valleys, gutters, downspouts, and area drains so that any damaged areas can be identified for repair as needed.

2)     The roof is then inspected in order to evaluate its overall condition.  Checking of a flat roof system includes identification of any blisters, splits in the membrane which can occur naturally due to building movement or which can be caused by others walking on the roof (foot traffic).  Checking of slope roof includes replacement and/or re-securing of broken and/or damaged tiles or shingles in order to safeguard against exposure to the existing underlayment.   We will also note and document any visible damage caused by other tradesman during their repair and/or installation of any equipment such as HVAC units, satellite dishes, electrical work, etc.

3)     All flashings around equipment such as HVAC units, mounts – such as DWP mounts, skylights, and vents will be checked for signs of deterioration, splits, cracks, and/or damage by either the elements or foot traffic.  They will be thoroughly checked and sealed as needed or if further repairs are needed we will document as needed by taking photos and submitting the proper paperwork or repair onsite if it is something minor.

Factors that influence the need or frequency for roof maintenance include foliage (trees and/or shrubbery), type of roof, access by others to the roof, equipment on the roof, etc.  Please note that debris caused by an excessive amount of leaves falling onto the roof can potentially clog roof drains, gutter, and/or downspouts and if left on tile or shingle roof valleys for prolonged periods of time can work their way to the underlayment and cause deterioration.

Please note that if your roof is accessed by others such as HVAC technicians, plumbers, electricians, and/or other tradesman it should be inspected after they have completed their work in order to safeguard against damage.  More often than not we have inspected a roof after another tradesman has been there and have found either damage to the roof or their debris left there.

We perform maintenance on roofs, gutters, walking decks, below and above grade walls, sheet metal, as well as waterproofing for windows and doors.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and want an individual inspections, give us a call or send us a note.

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