img_0866Paul Bancroft founded his company in 1975.  Prior, he had been roofing track homes for local contractors in the San Fernando Valley in the early 1970’s.

When he decided to start his own company he asked his mother for a $17 loan to purchase his first nail stripper. Between his mother’s loan and his dilapidated 1968 Dodge pickup, the business is now regarded as one of the most successful small business in the Southern California Region.

Paul not only is an installer of all types of roofing applications, but has also built homes and commercial properties as a general contractor.  He is also a certified inspector and an expert key witness to several law firms for construction default cases.

One roofer once named Paul “The God of Roofing”.  He humbly declines the notoriety but takes pride in his work and always seeks perfection.

When not roofing, Paul can be found driving his antique Speedster along the Malibu coast and looks forward in teaching his new grandson Kai how to surf in Nicaragua.